New products from the Innovation Lab.

Are you looking for an agency that designs as a creative development kitchen combined with a lot of knowledge about the market and implementation strength in design?

So that we don’t just talk about it, but follow it up with action, we test the most exciting ideas in our own Food Lab, which regularly publishes new innovations via our magazine. So when we are not designing, cooking and packaging on behalf of our customers, we allow ourselves to tinker with the future of nutrition through our own developments.

New Age Food Ventures

This is how new ventures are created that will shake up and enrich the market of tomorrow. We are actively looking for investors and founders with a passion for food.

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Partner of change.

We are the partner of change for our customers in the food industry. After all, along with the energy transition, the food transition is another major challenge facing our generation. We therefore try to outline the relevant developments with foresight and incorporate them into our consulting projects. Our Future Food Trend Radar uniquely highlights the most important trends in TODAY, TOMORROW and OVER-TOMORROW for food manufacturers and retailers.

Packaging material as a great lever for positive impact.

Tomorrow’s products must be tasty, but produced, packaged and stored or transported in a resource-saving way. So for our part in packaging, we’ve curated a glossary of forward-thinking new packaging materials and are making it available here for free. Design for recycling is a living standard for us and we are happy to advise on optimizing the recyclability or use of recyclate in plastic packaging.

And of course, we also love it more agile than many other agencies in the product design space. This is proven by our award-winning“Top Tool” developed in 2017. In it, we combine design sprints and rapid prototyping (packaging or product formulation) with surveys on the street via food truck. Some leading brand owners have already put their products in our hands to develop their design closer to the consumer.

Idea to Market

If you “like” these tools, you should take a look at our unique agency process. No other agency in the food sector combines design and innovation like we do in Frankfurt. Let’s work together on the future of food markets!


We conceive and design for the love of food. Food packaging design and innovation would be unthinkable without the daily examination of tastes, products and concepts. That’s why we keep our eyes open and actively observe product ranges, consumer trends, media usage behaviour and food design trends.

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Product idea

We develop innovative product concepts, accompany packaging development from the very beginning and act as an “innovation lab” for our customers. At regular intervals, we present new food packaging concepts and develop selected ideas to the finished prototype. Do you already know our Top Tool? The excellent recipe consisting of design sprints, rapid prototyping and consumer tests via food truck.

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Recipe development

On request, we provide inspiration in recipe development for new products through our Food Lab, where we experiment with taste and design. For us, dealing with taste images and designing packaging are not separate areas, they belong together and influence each other.

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Design vision

The interplay of optics, haptics, taste, smell and acoustics is at the centre of our considerations in order to develop synaesthetic products that appeal to all the senses. Together with our clients, design visions can thus become branding that shapes the direction for years to come and makes our clients sustainably more successful.

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Product Design 3D

Structural packaging design for food is often an economic challenge. But those who recognise the signs of the times dare to invest in forward-looking materials to package their products sensibly. We provide the right concept through our Material Lab and ensure unique design.

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Packaging design

Our central task is packaging design. Because more than 50% of the purchase decision for food is made directly at the point of sale. Through a unique product or packaging design, we manage to successfully distinguish brands in the highly competitive market. Only through appreciation can the product achieve optimal added value.

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Product range adaption

The importance of private labels has increased continuously in recent years. We know how to create an image that can be systematically adapted across a wide range of articles. But adaptive concepts are not only in demand for private label design. We take care of a stylistically confident and technically clean assortment structure – even for large assortments.

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No artwork should leave our office before it has been tested in the form of a haptic prototype. On request, we can have high-quality sample packaging produced in small batches. If you like it completely agile, you should take a closer look at our top tool: There we combine design sprints with rapid prototyping of packaging and quick user tests via food truck.

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Final artwork

In the end, the best design concept is only as good as its technical production implementation allows it to be. Or the other way around: knowledge of printing techniques, materials and finishing options can enrich the creation. We have to be familiar with technical and legal requirements in our projects on a daily basis and know how to comply with them.

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After a prototype has been successfully tested, we accompany the market launch in the area of trade communication and develop the appearance of the products or brands on the way to their customers. For this purpose, we realise shopper activation at the point of sale or set impulses at further points of experience for our clients.

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