Sarah, Jannis and Nils go out.

After a long day at the office, what could be better than ending the day with the best weather and a fantastic meal? Not much – so we set off for the“carte blanche” in Frankfurt’s Nordend and get ready for one or two surprises.

Here the name says it all, because it is part of the concept of the creative restaurant that the menu is not known to the guest beforehand. Only the ingredients that are used are fixed. So, with full confidence in the kitchen, we sit back and relax. A glass of naturally sparkling Muskateller in your hand, the roar of the Friedberger Landstrasse behind you and the muffled sea of voices of the evening in your ear – a little piece of vacation in everyday life.

While we wait for our 3-course menu, the kitchen of the carte blanche already gives us a small foretaste of what was soon to follow in terms of creative culinary art. Fine homemade bread with creamy hummus and beet sprouts kicks things off. The second amuse gueule is a melon sorbet with bacon emulsion, garnished with a bobblehead leaf. Especially the melon-bacon creation is an unusual new and very intense taste experience … and really good! Bacon let up.
Still fully immersed in the discussion about the fruity bacon experience (speaking of bacon), the appetizer already reaches us: Buffalo burrata, a particularly delicate and finely aromatic Italian mozzarella. Served with gigantes beans in pimientos mayo and fine cucumber rolls with dill.

Bacon let go

That was delicious! For the main course we are treated to fillets of milk-fed pork in a spicy cheddar sauce. Milk pig is a Sardinian specialty and is roasted in the style of a suckling pig. None of us had the pleasure before, but the first bite is already convincing: the meat is really very tender and has a mild aroma that is perfectly countered by the roasted flavors on the rind. The pork is accompanied by anflambé cheddar cubes, dehydrated pineapple ham and finely spiced pointed cabbage puree.

As the evening sun slowly disappears behind the Frankfurt skyline, we arrive at the crowning finale at carte blanche. Dessert will include: basil sorbet with candied sesame chip Florentine style, on white chocolate cream, topped with bubicep leaves and a scoop of blood orange sorbet. Whole new worlds open up – fruity-tart, herbaceous-fresh, creamy-sweet. A lot of culinary experiences richer we say goodbye to the “carte blanche” and look forward to the next visit.