With our diary from the future, we want to create concrete images in the mind. Our assumptions are based on our Future Food Trend Radar. In it, we show the currently most important trends in the areas of food, packaging, kitchen and production from our point of view. Here you will find plenty of inspiration for the food world of today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

July 31 2045

A diary entry by Andreas Milk

Monday evening, July 31, 2045. I had a very normal day. Upon waking up, my hunger-satisfying scent dispenser greets me with my favorite aroma. It kicks me awake and makes me feel like I’m eating extra healthy today. Since I started using the thing, I eat more varied and balanced in the morning. I just feel better after the healthier breakfast. I never thought it would make that much of a difference. But I think people used to say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

When I go to the kitchen, I pass the refrigerator. He’s been bugging me with my order list for Amazon Fresh, where I’ve been a customer for over 20 years and today I finally wanted to redeem my gift certificate that Amazon gave me as a thank you for my loyalty. The screen on my fridge says: vegan eggs are in short supply and if I want to stick to my desired diet plan for the week, that means ordering today at the latest. To do this, the system suggests a number of complementary things that will soon be needed and it would be more efficient to order them now. Makes sense, I then did directly. Coupon redeemed, done. Oh, and I didn’t miss the chance to add a couple of snacks on top. My shopping assistant is too good: he always finds something that I don’t know yet and that really excites me to try.

Ok – so after confirming the order list, it was on to breakfast. The individualized granola is all I need, at least on those days when I need to go fast. I have really long fiddled to find my mixture. For the past 2-3 years I have had the perfect blend tailored to my microbiome. The packaging indicates that it was a little light the last few days. The UV radiation is not good for the product, but I forgot to put it in the cupboard yesterday. When I open the cabinet to store the glass containers, I notice that one camera is glowing red. This is really the downside of the ultra-smart kitchen. Clothes constantly need to be serviced.

Diary from the future

The working day was rather standard today. Nothing exciting happens.

On my way back home from the office, I stop at the REWE marketplace in Frankfurt Mitte. That is on the way to the S-Bahn, still quickly jumped in and ordered some fresh products. I love my new contact lenses with the shopping assistance. My default filter is actually always active. The market algorithm highlights only organic products in my field of view that additionally meet all transparency criteria in the >90% range and have an average customer rating of >=4.5. Fabulous world! I have these products delivered. They arrive the next business day and are in the cooler outside my door. My “mailbox” for fresh produce, so to speak. What an act it was 10-15 years ago that you always had to be home when the fresh produce came in. And how long I sorted the packages and threw them into containers. Earlier at the edge of the forest near us were these containers. Today I am returning everything to the dealer. So I put the things in the LOOP bag by the road. At the dealer it is perfectly separated, washed and reused.

Diary from the future supermarket

So now write this entry to the end and then ́s going to bed. Tomorrow night I’m looking forward to dinner with Maike and Flo. Quite cozy, nothing with technology and the restaurant has to kick us out again at the end. The store has been around since 2022. Will definitely be a delicious evening and we will laugh a lot together.

Frankfurt am Main, July 31, 2045