Mono-Material Cups and Nature-Based
To-Go Supplies

Bio Futura

The Dutch company Bio Futura offers European-certified compostable or recyclable tableware. Within their wide selection customers can find their eco-friendlier cups, such as their mono-material double walled paper cups, and BIO-PP reusable drinking cups – both suitable for existing recycling systems, with the paper cup also being industrially compostable.

Bio Futura’s also has the BE O Cup, a reusable coffee cup made entirely from waste and residue vegetable oils. The cup is suited to be recycled in Netherlands waste streams.

Customers can find through Bio Futura nature based tableware and takeaway goods made from palm leaves, bargasse, and Paperwise – a paperboard made from agricultural bi-products.

Product Name: Bio Futura
Manufacturer: Bio Futura B.V.
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Bio Futura
Image source: Bio Futura