Replacing Conventional Multilayer Packaging

Recyclable High-Barrier Paper to Replace Single-Use Sachets

Bluemorph is an innovative high-barrier paper-based material for packaging. Its technology offers a recyclable alternative to single-use multilayer packaging, effectively addressing the pollution challenge posed by sachets and other formats. The material has over 90% bio-based content with 85% of its composition being paper, whilst minimising material usage. This packaging material is especially suited for dry food, pet food, and personal care applications, offering a high-performance and easily recyclable drop-in solution. Bluemorph’s adaptability across a range of packaging types, coupled with its significant contribution to reducing environmental impact, marks a major step forward in sustainable packaging.

Product Name: Bluemorph
Manufacturer: one.five
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: one.five GmbH
Image Source: one.five GmbH