Plant-based beverage carton


The plant-based packaging solutions from Pactiv Evergreen Inc. offer a sustainable alternative to conventional petroleum-based packaging and thus help to reduce the need for plastic. The recyclable beverage carton PlantCarton ideally embodies this approach: it consists of at least 70% paper produced by means of responsible forestry. In this way, 80% of the plastic required can be saved compared to the common beverage carton. PlantCarton can therefore be the optimal alternative, especially for products aimed at a customer base that is concerned about sustainability. New Barn Organics, for example, already uses PlantCarton for its almond milk products, thus meeting the values of its customers. In addition, Evergreen Packaging offers a range of other innovative plant-based packaging solutions for various food applications, including cups and ice cream cartons made from renewable raw materials.

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Product name: PlantCarton®
Manufacturer: Pactiv Evergreen Inc.
Project status: Concept // Prototype // Ready for market // Ready for series production

Source: Pactiv Evergreen Inc.
Image source: Trendhunter