A Reusable Wine Bottle System in Germany

The Reusable Wine Bottles

Established in January 2023, Wein-Mehrweg eG is a cooperative that has developed an innovative 0.75-liter reusable wine bottle concept and intend to gradually have it replace a significant portion of disposable bottles on the market today. Ten founding companies, collectively managing over 5% of Germany’s total vineyards, are supporting this initiative.

This sustainable transition conserves resources, energy, and reduces waste, offering both ecological and economic advantages.

Wein-Mehrweg eG is open having to new members from diverse business backgrounds, including cooperatives, wineries, and wine distributors, that are interested in adopting their 0.75-liter reusable wine bottle.

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Product Name: Wein-Mehrweg
Manufacturer: Wein-Mehrweg eG (iG)
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Wein-Mehrweg eG (iG)
Photo Source: Wein-Mehrweg eG (iG)