The anticipation rises

We have been active in the grape harvest in the past and this year we want to go to the vineyard again to help. But the work is not limited to the harvest, there is something to do all year round. We were in June at the winery Allendorf to visit “our” Riesling also times during the year.

Felix collected some grape leaves for our Food Lab test.

The leaves are still quite young, we took advantage of that and took some Riesling leaves from the Jesuit garden to pickle them in brine. They are suitable for dolmas, because vines can be enjoyed not only through the wine! But of course we also wanted to taste it. Just like us, Allendorf also likes to experiment. There are spontaneously fermented wines that are less predictable but give absolutely drinkable results.

Almost more interesting for us and equally experimental is a special tasting room. Here we taste one and the same wine four times and yet there is a difference in each case. The room changes color four times while we taste the wine and this affects our perception of the wine. Sounds strange but is even scientifically documented and everyone should just try it for themselves on site.

“In Search of Lost Time”.

The environment, i.e. the context that accompanies every eating or drinking experience (music, light, smells, mood, ….) is significantly involved in our taste perception and evaluation. The phenomenon is familiar to everyone who has brought home the good wine from vacation and then found that it suddenly tastes completely different. Conversely, it can also succeed in calling up positive memories. This phenomenon is the Madeleine effect, named after Proust’s description in “In Search of Lost Time”. Here, a madeleine transports the protagonist back to his childhood.

A glass of wine from the Jesuit garden takes us back to the vineyard – so we associate it with a lot of work but also exciting visits like this one, where Judith Roßberg once again gave us insights into the world of Allendorf wines.

For us, all this contributes to the pleasure and complexity of the wine. This unique pleasure is übgns not reserved for us alone, at Allendorf anyone can take a vintage seminar.