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Short and sweet, short facts to show off, amuse and think about:

Short fact 1:

A bathtub full of coffee

The most popular hot drink in Germany is coffee.
Each person drinks around 167 liters of it a year, enough to fill a bathtub. Tea drinkers consume around 69.1 liters, preferably herbal or fruit tea. Black, green or mate tea is drunk most in Turkey, where per capita consumption is 2.91 kg, compared to just 320g in Germany. Source:


Consumption DE – liters per capita – 2022

Short Fact Illustration Coffee and tea

Short fact 2:

Pop the champagne corks

Champagne corks can shoot out of the bottle at a speed of 40 to 100 km/h. Temperature and pressure have a decisive influence. The perfect temperature is 6.7 °C, which produces the ideal pop when opened carefully. Source:

Short Fact Illustration Champagne cork

Short fact 3:

In a nutshell

The most popular nuts in Germany are peanuts, almonds and hazelnuts, but the first two are not actually nuts. Peanuts are legumes and almonds are seeds. It is recommended to consume about 25-50 g every day. In Germany, 5.3 kg of nuts are eaten per capita per year. In 2011/12, however, it was only 4.3 kg.

90% of the hazelnuts harvested are processed into confectionery. Only about 10% to other foods or cosmetics. A quarter of the hazelnuts harvested worldwide end up in Ferrero products and are processed into confectionery.

Short Fact Illustration Hazelnuts to Ferrero

Short fact 4:

Salmon colors

Salmon gets its typical pink flesh from a natural diet. So only wild-caught salmon is pink. Farmed salmon must be fed with special pigments as a feed additive to achieve a similar color. Normally the meat is white.

Short fact 5:

Lifesaver coconut water

Coconut water can be used as an emergency measure for blood transfusions or blood plasma. It also has a similar salt content, is sterile and isotonic. It was used for the first time during the Second World War.

Short fact 6:

Parsley – poisonous plant of the year 2023

Parsley is actually a poisonous plant and the poisonous plant of the year 2023. Only the flower should be looked out for when eating. As soon as the plant flowers, it becomes poisonous. Before that, it is safe to eat and very healthy.

Short fact 7:

Vitamin C sources

Citrus fruits are considered to be the best source of vitamin C. However, parsley (160mg/100g) has a much higher vitamin C content than a lemon (50mg/100g). The same applies in part to other fruits and vegetables. For example, a potato (17mg/100g) has a higher vitamin C content than an apple (12mg/100g).

Short fact 8:

Highest biomass

Cattle have the highest biomass of all mammals on earth. The biomass of wild mammals is just 62 megatons. The biomass of cattle amounts to 416 megatons. Human biomass accounts for 394 megatons. More about the dimensions of agriculture.

Short fact 9:

Iron: not only in spinach

Spinach is not the only way to become Popeye. Other green or dark green leafy vegetables have just as much iron as spinach.

Short fact 10:

Dehydration through coffee?

A common myth is that coffee dehydrates. However, it does not remove water from the body, it has a diuretic effect, but still supplies the body with fluid.

Short fact: 11


In Germany in 2022, there were 249,000 male chefs and 285,000 female chefs. This means that more women than men prepare food in German kitchens. This is in stark contrast to Michelin-starred cuisine. In 2024, 36 new Michelin-starred restaurants were presented. Women are the chefs in just 3 of these restaurants. The gender gap is therefore very clear between restaurants with and without a star.

Chefs and chefs (DE 2022) compared to the 36 newly presented Michelin star restaurants 2024 and their kitchen management

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