Hermetically sealed cardboard tray


Innovative cardboard food trays with foil seal are offered by the Dutch manufacturer HALOPACK with its products of the same name: HALOPACK is a hermetically sealed cardboard tray that extends the shelf life of fresh food. This is a protective gas packaging that optimizes the atmosphere in the carton tray. This keeps products fresh longer, reducing food waste.

The trays, made from FSC-certified or recycled raw materials, are sealed airtight with the help of an EVOH film. The film accounts for only 10% of the plastic content. The carton itself does not contain any plastics or other foreign materials. After use, the packaging is therefore easy to recycle. The film can be easily peeled off the packaging so that the cardboard can be recycled as waste paper. The patented cardboard trays are adhesive-free and can be printed on ten sides. Only water-based inks are used, which neither pass into the food nor affect recyclability. The trays are completely airtight, moisture resistant, cold resistant and food safe. The result is a sustainable product experience from the refrigerated counter to the home. HALOPACK can be frozen and heated in the microwave or, depending on the version, in the oven.

The HALOPACK trays are available in five variants so far:
HALOPACK map: the sustainable alternative to conventional modified atmosphere packaging.
HALOPACK oven: more heat resistant and therefore suitable for the oven.
HALOPACK skin: the flat, particularly resource-saving variant in which the film wraps around the product like a second skin.
HALOPACK octagonal: with octagonal base and to be sealed with common machines.
HALOPACK duo-tray: two trays in one – and thus twice the design space for more brand experience.

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Product name: HALOPAK map / oven / skin / octagonal / duo-tray
Manufacturer: Halopack NV
Project status: Concept // Prototype // Ready for market // Ready for series production

Source: Halopack NV
Image source: Halopack NV

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