The Unique and Handmade Nutrient Rich Plate

Eggshells That Are Great as Dishware and For Soil

10 billion eggs a year are produced in the Netherlands, making the country the largest egg exporter in the world. An egg produces a valuable material which is often seen as waste; its shell. These shells, however, are nutrient rich and can be used in agriculture to greatly benefit the soil. Eggshell Ceramic is a circular material coming out of the Netherlands that is derived from the egg industry to show new possibilities with this waste-stream.

The material shows that the shells can be used once more before it is given back to nature. Atelier LVDW developed a biodegradable but strong material out of eggshells, with the addition of biochar as a grey colourant. The compostable and versatile materials used has the look of ceramics and the benefits of a bio-material. Eggshell ceramic is a strong material that is also easy to compost. After its lifespan it can be dissolved under water and add beneficial nutrients to the soil that it is placed in.

Atelier LVDW is continuously working on new product outcomes with her eggshell material.

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Product Name: Eggshell Ceramic
Manufacturer: Atelier LVDW
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Atelier LVDW
Photo Source: Atelier LVDW