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Tasty Fruit to Vegan Leather – To bring awareness and combat food waste Fruitleather Rotterdam has given wasted mangoes a new life. With every shipment of mangoes, many are deemed unsellable due to bruising or quality control. After collecting these mangoes locally, Fruitleather Rotterdam begins their process of upcycling the lost mangoes. Through a process that converts mango fibers into[...]

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Applicable Produce Sticker to Prolong Produce Life – ryp LABS’ patent-pending produce label provides a vapour-based protective layer, that extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, by reducing over-ripening and spoilage. StixFresh stickers are customized to prevent diseases causing premature rot and can be used anywhere in the food supply chain. Made from food-grade materials, they are recyclable and biodegradable, offering[...]

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Felder Felder Dresses

Sustainable Boutique Dresses – Felder Felder is a fashion and design agency headed by twin sisters Daniela and Annette Felder. Having become experts in the use of biomaterials, they create on demand boutique fashion pieces to avoid overproduction and wastage. Their work utilizes plant-based and plastic free textile alternatives, such as fruit fibres, wood bi-products, seaweed, and other[...]

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Tastee Tape

Edible Tape For Messy Meals – Tastee tape is tape you can eat while holding those messy meals like wraps. Tastee Tape is a fun and useful way to hold your food together and keep your meals mess-free. With no waste afterwards. Made entirely from edible fibres. #messfree #wrapsforlife #saveawrap #foodtape #foodglue #innovativefooddesign Product Name: Tastee TapeManufacturer: Tastee TapeProject Status:[...]

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Bee Loop Honey Pot

Keeping Honey In Its Natural Home – The Bee Loop Honey Pot is made from 100% pure beeswax and is intended to be used as packaging for honey in order to have a positive impact on bees’ existence. The pot’s limit the need of glass or plastic containers that are used for storing honey. Designed and produced in Lithuania, it is a zero-waste[...]

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The First Drop-In Plastic Replacement Material – Xampla has developed innovative, sustainable materials that serve as high-performance alternatives to traditional plastics. These materials, produced from natural feedstocks, completely biodegrade in marine and soil environments, addressing the issue of plastic pollution. Xampla aims to combat plastic pollution by providing like-for-like plastic replacements in the natural polymers industry. They have developed industry shifting[...]

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Fungi Mutarium

Plastic Eating Fungus – The prototype Fungi Mutarium enables the cultivation of a fungal biomass that is suitable for consumption, in addition to its amazing ability to degrade long-lasting plastic waste. Specially designed agar forms based on a mixture of starch and sugar, known as “FU”, serve as the nutrient base for the fungus. In shape they resemble[...]

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MILK MaterialLab Fungi Muratium

Ponto Biodesign

Bacterial Cellulose Film – Ponto Biodesign offers a sustainable alternative to plastic-based packaging materials. It is obtained from a mixture consisting of water, bacterial and yeast cultures (scoby), which – spread on a smooth surface and dried – produces a bacterial cellulose film with paper-like properties. On contact with water, the material develops an adhesive effect that can[...]

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MILK MaterialLab Ponto Biodesign Elena Amato

Snap Pack – Nature Multipack

Less material consumption due to optimized adhesive – The “Snap Pack” packaging solution introduced by the Carlsberg Group as part of its “Together Towards ZERO” sustainability program is a glued-together can multipack that requires no secondary packaging. With the aim of reducing the Group’s global plastics consumption by 1,200 metric tons per year, a specially developed adhesive was developed that has the[...]

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MILK MaterialLab SnapPack Nature Multipack Carlsberg