Meals Without the Packaging

Instantly Dissolvable Meal Packaging

NakedPak is a series of bare food dishes without any packaging. Each dish contains all the spices and flavors needed to be entirely prepared. The dish is rinsed in the sink, cooked in boiling water, and eaten! Just like an apple which is sold in bulk, exposed to dirt, carried in a bag, and rinsed before eaten, NakedPak is rinsed before being used. The final formula contains several edible, natural materials, with the essential ingredient produced from algae. The resulting material is transparent, tasteless, and can be manufactured as a two-dimensional sheet or as a three-dimensional structure.

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Product Name: NakedPak
Manufacturer: Naama Nicotra
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Naama Nicotra
Image Source: Naama Nicotra