Applicable Produce Sticker to Prolong Produce Life

Longer Produce Life From A Label

ryp LABS’ patent-pending produce label provides a vapour-based protective layer, that extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, by reducing over-ripening and spoilage. StixFresh stickers are customized to prevent diseases causing premature rot and can be used anywhere in the food supply chain. Made from food-grade materials, they are recyclable and biodegradable, offering a convenient solution for growers, retailers, and direct consumers to preserve their fresh produce.

The stickers can be customized, to feature company branding or barcodes and easily added through the supply chain. Application is simple and fast, with the stickers activating after being directly placed on the fruit or packaging.

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Product Name: StixFresh
Manufacturer: ryp LABS
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: ryp LABS
Image Source: ryp LABS