Our top tool combines design sprints with prototyping and street research.

The mobile test platform

We discuss design using prototypes (product & packaging) as early as possible in the process.

Research & Innovation Lab

Prototype visualization

Making the future tangible with all senses is one of our central tasks.

Recipe optimization

The optimization of products is discussed here LIVE with the target group.

New product launch

Which products arouse people’s interest?

Consumer Insights

What are the motives for the purchase decision in certain categories?

We have been involved with food markets and the interface with design for many years. Dynamic markets and short product life cycles force our customers to develop products faster than before. Now we have expanded our offering to include a mobile food test lab : The food truck is intended to be a stage for tomorrow’s culinary concepts and a playground for product developers.

The video documents our design sprint in combination with packaging prototyping and agile survey methodology for the client Importhaus Wilms. Due to the clearly formulated task and existing brand guidelines, the agile process could be compressed into a few days. The international team from Singapore (Unistraw/Sipahh) and Walluf (Wilms) was welcomed by us at Tatcraft for the packaging design sprint. The results were iteratively improved via our research process in two loops.

We bring agile product development to the old economy.

Our “Top Tool” is a mixture of Design Sprint, Rapid Prototyping and Street Research via Food Truck. We bring food market research back to the street! In 3 days we achieve qualitative results at central locations with samples of 150-300 interviews depending on the complexity of the questionnaires. We gather valuable insights without the atmosphere of a market research institute. Food must be perceived and evaluated with all the senses, which is why online surveys reach their natural limits here.

Early testing enables agile design development in targeted steps. This user-centric approach is designed to improve project quality and provide our customers with time/cost advantages in their competitive and dynamic environment.

Agile brand strategy

The shortening of product lifecycles is forcing us to make product development even more dynamic in the complex world in which we live. Our Innovation Lab is a common platform for your product development or strategic marketing. It provides a freedom to look at new methods and to think up new ideas. We are in direct dialogue with our target audience here, which helps to show us what the open-minded consumers of today expect.

We will listen, learn and act accordingly. Packaging design tests via simple surveys are a matter of a few days and can be implemented based on concept/scribbles, layouts or prototypes.

Case study: Unilever

The video documents our mobile survey for Unilever (NL/UK). We used our agile approach to test recipes and present packaging designs. The implementation ran over three days, and a total of 265 interviews were conducted and evaluated.

Case study: Fritz cultural assets

New anjola formulations with reduced sugar content were tested at various sites for Fritz Kult urgüter.

Case study: Share

The case study on Share shows the bars before launch in the final pre-testing for final assortment optimization. For this purpose, we met in Berlin Kreuzberg and supported the startup in its launch preparation.