We deliver the flavor in top class images for your packaging.

Food Styling & Shooting

The classic – whether on location or in the studio, always paired with craftsmanship from the food styling team.

Composing & Image Retouch

Image editing and arrangement are an essential part of the process and are in the best hands with us.

We want to make the taste of the product perceptible through the packaging. This was the case in the past and is still the case today. Accordingly, the importance of the appetizing image of food is also a key task in food packaging design.

Improved 3D technology and artificial intelligence have steadily increased our “toolbox”. We deliver the right food shot for you in the individual case with the help of the appropriate technique.

The classic remains the conventional food photo shoot in the studio in collaboration with kitchen and food styling. To this end, we can draw on a network of top studios in Germany and fulfill almost every wish of our customers. Often the boundary in 3D/CGI is fluid and both techniques are used in parallel.

The still young technology of generative image generation through artificial intelligence further enhances our creation process. We use the new possibilities in the early creation process, e.g. in the area of product conception for the visualization of ideas or for the development of individual mood boards in design route finding or brand positioning.

These services are always accompanied by a person with experience and craftsmanship. Thus, professional image processing is part of our offer. We touch each image again and give it the final touch for its respective purpose. Here, attention to detail makes the small but subtle difference. And you can “taste” that later in the store at the point of sale.