Material: Synthetic Origin

SEAclic Box

Transport Packaging for Temperature-Sensitive Foods – SEAclic Box transport solutions are designed specifically for shipping fresh foods like fish, maintaining the cold chain and absorbing impacts effectively. They are lightweight, EU food packaging regulations compliant, and prioritize safety and quality. Additionally, these boxes feature an environmentally friendly and user-friendly design. The click mechanism ensures secure closure without the need for[...]

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AIRplus® Bio Home Compostable

Compostable Protective Shipping Air Cushions – Air cushions crafted from Storopack’s AIRplus® Bio Home Compostable film are both partially bio-based and compostable and incorporates a portion of renewable starch. They are suited for protecting light to medium-weight products within boxes during transportation. The cushions are certified for home composting, ensuring complete degradation into natural, non-toxic resources in both private and[...]

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Compostable Fruit Labels – Sinclair offers a range of produce labels that are a more sustainable option than traditional labelling choices. They are suitable for automated, high-speed labeling systems or hand-applied labeling operations. The EcoLabel line consists of three different types of labels, that are either home or industrial compostable, which have also been tested to biodegrade within[...]

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The Last Box

Shipping Without the Carton – The Last Box brings to the shipping industry reusable shipping packages, eliminating the need for standard corrugated single use cardboard packaging. The Durable boxes that ship full one-way, can be seamlessly collapsed and nested for efficient reverse shipments and storage. They can be customized by dimensions, shipping label placement, color, and branding to meet[...]

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Applicable Produce Sticker to Prolong Produce Life – ryp LABS’ patent-pending produce label provides a vapour-based protective layer, that extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, by reducing over-ripening and spoilage. StixFresh stickers are customized to prevent diseases causing premature rot and can be used anywhere in the food supply chain. Made from food-grade materials, they are recyclable and biodegradable, offering[...]

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Liquiglide (EveryDrop™)

An Inner Coating That Lets You Get Every Last Drop – LiquiGlide specializes in creating durable, custom-designed slippery coatings and containment packaging based on liquid-impregnated surfaces. Their EveryDrop™coatings can be tailored to specific material needs and withstand various environmental conditions. LiquiGlide’s mission is to revolutionize products and packaging by eliminating the friction between liquids and solids, reducing product waste that results from liquids sticking in[...]

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Fish Boxes Made From Styrofoam Ccycled

EPS Fish Boxes Made From Chemically Recycled Plastic – Fish boxes made of expandable polystyrene (EPS) – also known as Styropor – are an important packaging product that optimally protect the product during transport and ensure the cold chain. With its Styropor Ccycled material, BASF provides the basic material for a more sustainable alternative to conventional boxes made purely from virgin plastic. In[...]

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KPL Cirrus™

Lighter Plastic Due to Moulding – UK thermoforming packaging company Kingsmoor Packaging has launched a weight reduction initiative called KPL™ Cirrus. This pursues the goal of producing plastics as sustainably as possible. The company has not only improved the recycled content and recyclability of its products, but also explored how to make them lighter and more efficient without losing stability[...]

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Chewing Gum Recycling – Gumdrop Ltd. has set itself the goal of eliminating rubber emissions by recycling all types of chewing gum waste and processing it into a variety of products in collaboration with companies and manufacturers worldwide. In a new process, the recycled chewing gum is turned into the material Gum-tec, which can be processed into items[...]

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MILK MaterialLab gum tec Gumdrop


Cellulose Plastic Cup – AgriPlast consists of up to 75% cellulose obtained from regional meadow grass. This is embedded in a thermoplastic matrix, which can be made of recycled materials, PP, PE, PCL or biodegradable plastics. AgriPlast has a finely grained, natural-looking surface and, like plastic, can be colored as desired. The substance is extremely resilient, versatile, easy[...]

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MILK MaterialLab Agriplast Biowert


Edible Protective Spray For Food – California-based startup Apeel Sciences developed an edible protective spray for fruits and vegetables derived from food scraps. This tasteless and low-calorie variant, due to its waterproof molecular structure, primarily serves to preserve the food, thus allowing protection from moisture and gases that continue the ripening process. The protective spray consists primarily of glycerol phosphatides[...]

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MILK MaterialLab Apeel Apeel Sciences

Snap Pack – Nature Multipack

Less material consumption due to optimized adhesive – The “Snap Pack” packaging solution introduced by the Carlsberg Group as part of its “Together Towards ZERO” sustainability program is a glued-together can multipack that requires no secondary packaging. With the aim of reducing the Group’s global plastics consumption by 1,200 metric tons per year, a specially developed adhesive was developed that has the[...]

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MILK MaterialLab SnapPack Nature Multipack Carlsberg