Vanish PCR

Sustainable no label look labels – UPM introduces UPM Raflatac VanishTM PCR, an ultra-transparent labelstock. Thanks to its particularly low material thickness and the use of 90% recycled PET, this requires fewer raw materials than standard clear-on-clear products. When applied to transparent containers, this allows a true “no-label look”‘ with improved environmental performance. The film is ideal for a wide[...]

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Slip-on bag – Many want to turn the world of packaging upside down, STANDCAP has made it simple: the foil pouch with flip-top closure stands on its lid and thus stands out on the shelf thanks to a wedge-shaped upward communication surface that stands out attractively from ordinary plastic bottles for ketchup and co. STANDCAP can be[...]

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High Performance Lidding Films

Recyclable Lidding Films – AR Packaging offers a range of lidding films with tailored barrier properties and high mechanical strength for the forming of food packaging. The product range includes Ecotop®, EcoLite® and Fibrecote®, each with different properties to meet sealing and recyclability requirements as the materials are mono plastic, PET or paper. The films are suitable for[...]

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KPL Cirrus™

Lighter Plastic Due to Moulding – UK thermoforming packaging company Kingsmoor Packaging has launched a weight reduction initiative called KPL™ Cirrus. This pursues the goal of producing plastics as sustainably as possible. The company has not only improved the recycled content and recyclability of its products, but also explored how to make them lighter and more efficient without losing stability[...]

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Deposit Packaging For Mass Produced Goods – As part of a project called Loop, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Nestlé, PepsiCo, Danone, Mars Petcare, Mondelēz International and other consumer goods giants are working together with the startup TerraCycle on a solution to reduce waste. 300 items – from Tide detergent to Pantene shampoo and Häagen-Dazs ice cream – are currently already available[...]

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Marine bottle

PET bottle with marine plastic content – Coca-Cola presents a beverage bottle that contains plastic waste from beaches and the sea. This bottle is only a sample for now – currently no retail sale is planned. But this is the first time marine plastic has been successfully recycled into a food-grade bottle. The proportion of this material in the finished bottle[...]

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Returnable deposit system for take-away coffee – Since 2016, RECUP has been offering to-go coffee drinkers a sustainable alternative to previous disposable cups. The cups can be purchased at the partner cafés for a €1 deposit and returned at any participating restaurant. After the cups are cleaned on site, they can be reused for other customers without producing packaging waste. #ecofoodpackaging[...]

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MILK MaterialLab Recup

Grounded Packaging

Sustainable Packaging Solutions Supplier – Grounded Packaging is a Sydney-based company that produces recyclable and compostable packaging solutions for food and consumer goods. The envelopes, films, vacuum bags and stand-up pouches are made from potato, corn or rice starch. Residues of manioc root additionally strengthen the material. Fast-growing eucalyptus trees are used as the basis for the industrially and[...]

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MILK MaterialLab GroundedPackaging

Ocean Bottle

Plastic bottle thermos – With its reusable water bottle, the Ocean Bottle company is making a contribution to counteracting the increasing plastic pollution of the oceans. Made from recycled biomaterial and plastic waste, the Ocean Bottle itself can dive into the recycling loop. The recycling idea is complemented by the promise that 1,000 more plastic bottles will be[...]

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MILK MaterialLab Ocean Bottle Ocean Plastik Bottle

Plastic Roads

Road surface
from plastic waste
– Plastic Roads offers an environmentally friendly solution for material use in road construction. While conventional production uses asphalt in combination with environmentally harmful petroleum, Scottish engineer Toby McCartney delivers a clever alternative made primarily from plastic waste. It is interesting to note that this new road surface is 60% harder than the classic asphalt[...]

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Bricks From -used PET Bottles – The ECO-BRICKS bricks are made of 1.2 kg of plastic waste or 20 PET bottles each. Visually, they resemble common cement bricks, but they are made from leftovers and without the use of heat. In this process, the waste is crushed and supplemented with sand, cement and water, and then formed into bricks in[...]

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MILK MaterialLab Eco Bricks Fundación Ecoimclusion alta Garcia

Smile Plastics

Furniture design from plastic scrap – Since 1994, the English company Smile Plastics has been shredding scrap materials to create newly designed furniture as well as flooring. In this process, plastic scrap in the form of used bottles, CDs or pipes is not only cut up, but also pressed into sheets by applying heat in molding presses. This approach results[...]

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