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Grounded Packaging

Grounded Packaging is a Sydney-based company that produces recyclable and compostable packaging solutions for food and consumer goods. The envelopes, films, vacuum bags and stand-up pouches are made from potato, corn or rice starch. Residues of manioc root additionally strengthen the material. Fast-growing eucalyptus trees are used as the basis for the industrially and home compostable packaging films. The films are made from a mixture of materials obtained from eucalyptus and cassava root. They have a high barrier against oxygen and moisture and are suitable for a wide range of food packaging. Grounded Packaging also offers FSC®-certified cardboard boxes, parcels and envelopes.

Product Name: Grounded Packaging
Manufacturer: Grounded Packaging
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Grounded Packaging
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