The Udder Way

Milk From the Tap – The Udder Way manufactures high quality reusable plastics in the form of 18 litre LDPE Kegs and dispensing systems that offer a solution to the plastic pollution generated by the dairy industry. The Udder Way eliminates the need for single use plastic and cartons in the industry by providing an on tap system that[...]

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Fully Recyclable Stand-Up Pouch – The Bear Naked granola brand, a Kellogg Company product, produces a fully recyclable stand-up pouch. In developing the Bear Naked bag, the goal was not only to produce a recyclable bag, but also to produce it efficiently while maintaining the same customer experience. Although these packages are light and thin, there are actually many[...]

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KPL Cirrus™

Lighter Plastic Due to Moulding – UK thermoforming packaging company Kingsmoor Packaging has launched a weight reduction initiative called KPL™ Cirrus. This pursues the goal of producing plastics as sustainably as possible. The company has not only improved the recycled content and recyclability of its products, but also explored how to make them lighter and more efficient without losing stability[...]

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Grounded Packaging

Sustainable Packaging Solutions Supplier – Grounded Packaging is a Sydney-based company that produces recyclable and compostable packaging solutions for food and consumer goods. The envelopes, films, vacuum bags and stand-up pouches are made from potato, corn or rice starch. Residues of manioc root additionally strengthen the material. Fast-growing eucalyptus trees are used as the basis for the industrially and[...]

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MILK MaterialLab GroundedPackaging


Cellulose Plastic Cup – AgriPlast consists of up to 75% cellulose obtained from regional meadow grass. This is embedded in a thermoplastic matrix, which can be made of recycled materials, PP, PE, PCL or biodegradable plastics. AgriPlast has a finely grained, natural-looking surface and, like plastic, can be colored as desired. The substance is extremely resilient, versatile, easy[...]

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MILK MaterialLab Agriplast Biowert

Smile Plastics

Furniture design from plastic scrap – Since 1994, the English company Smile Plastics has been shredding scrap materials to create newly designed furniture as well as flooring. In this process, plastic scrap in the form of used bottles, CDs or pipes is not only cut up, but also pressed into sheets by applying heat in molding presses. This approach results[...]

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