Bottles Without a Label – This fully recyclable bottle is made with readily 100% recycled PET (r-PET). 1SKIN has been designed by Sidel for easy recycling. With its thermoformed embossment design, the label-free bottle with its tethered cap can enter the recycling stream with no need to separate additional raw materials such as ink, glue, labels or sleeves. Meeting[...]

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Take-Away Packaging – Colpac produces sustainable packaging that can be used in the take-away sector as well as at events. The California manufacturer’s packaging is made from recycled paper, bagasse or rPet. In addition to the packaging, a variety of tableware, cutlery as well as cups are also offered. #ecofoodpackaging #takeawaypackaging #sustainabletakeaway #recycle Product Name: ColpacManufacturer: Colpac[...]

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MILK MaterialLab Colpac MILK-MaterialLab-Colpac-1