Earth Pack & Bio-Pouch

Plant-Based Pouches – With the introduction of the sustainable PPC Green range, PPC Flexible Packaging is breaking new, sustainable ground. Ecologically designed products include Earth Pack, a fully recyclable stand-up pouch, and its compostable Bio-Pouch counterpart. The latter is made from plant-based PLA from annually renewable resources and is biodegradable in industrial composting facilities according to ASTM[...]

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Plastic Free Recyclable Stand Up Pouch – The Earthpouch is an environmentally friendly and sustainable stand-up pouch that is plastic-free and can be recycled. A paper with a 100% plastic-free, heat-sealable coating is formed into a pouch and provides a grease, water and moisture barrier. The bag can be recycled as part of the paper stream and is suitable for repulping.[...]

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Fossil Plastic-Free Flow-Wrap Paper – Earthfilm is an environmentally friendly, flexible packaging that can be recycled together with waste paper. The film is made from renewable raw materials. It consists of a paper that is 100% plastic-free, and heat-sealable coating that is grease, water and moisture resistant. As the coating is naturally water-based, the packaging can be disposed of[...]

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Zero economy meal tray

Packaging concept for flight catering – As part of the research project “Get Onboard: Reduce. Reuse. Rethink.” developed solutions for the waste generated by air travel – as much as 5.7 million tons of cabin waste per year. The results of the agency, which specializes in the transport sector, were presented in 2019. The solutions developed focus on in-flight catering.[...]

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Compostable Food Boxes

Naturally Coated Takeaway and Snack Boxes – Notpla first emerged with their 100% biodegradable and edible water sachet in 2013. As a young company out of London their water bubbles quickly grew a reputation as a replacement for single use plastic cups used at Marathons. The seaweed based satchets lead to their  expanded product line that now includes lunch and snack[...]

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Renewable Raw Material Takeaway Packaging – Bioodi has been offering sustainable takeaway packaging for over a decade. The range includes a wide selection of products made from bio-based materials that are recyclable and comply with the European industrial compost standard, EN 13432 standard. The product range includes kraft paper bags made from pine needles, bowls and dishes made from bamboo[...]

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Organic disposable tableware

Organic disposable food packaging – The store offers a consistently sustainable range of organic disposable food packaging. Many raw materials come from high-quality natural by-products or waste products such as sugar cane fibers or fallen palm leaves, which the manufacturer processes sensibly. Also on offer are products made of bioplastic (PLA) and FSC-certified cardboard – sustainably produced and biodegradable.[...]

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BioMass Packaging

Supplier From Take-Away Packaging – The American company BioMass Packaging specializes in the distribution of alternative friendly take-away packaging. These consist of both palm leaves, PLA, fruit pulp or recycled paper. In addition to menu boxes, BioMass Packaging offers cutlery sets, bags and cups. Product Name:BioMass PackagingManufacturer: Excellent Packaging & Supply Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready //[...]

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Be Green Packaging

Nature BasedTake-Away Packaging – Be Green Packaging’s high-quality, compostable packaging is a sustainable solution that provides robust protection for restaurateurs and food retailer goods. With products made from bamboo, bagasse and bulrush, they are suitable for disposal home compost. The wide product range offers customers not only plates and bowls, but also a selection of recyclable cups and[...]

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MILK MaterialLab BeGreen Packaging MILK-MaterialLab-BeGreen-Packaging-5

The compostable mailer

Mailing bags made from corn starch – The shipping bags from wastebased are made on the basis of corn starch and the natural PLA polymer, are completely of biological origin and therefore also compostable at home. The idea of producing a material that can be dissolved in water within seconds, leaving no environmentally harmful traces, led the British company to produce[...]

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MILK MaterialLab Wasedbased Versandtaschen MILK-MaterialLab-Wasedbased-Versandtaschen-8


Cellulose Plastic Cup – AgriPlast consists of up to 75% cellulose obtained from regional meadow grass. This is embedded in a thermoplastic matrix, which can be made of recycled materials, PP, PE, PCL or biodegradable plastics. AgriPlast has a finely grained, natural-looking surface and, like plastic, can be colored as desired. The substance is extremely resilient, versatile, easy[...]

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MILK MaterialLab Agriplast Biowert

Smile Plastics

Furniture design from plastic scrap – Since 1994, the English company Smile Plastics has been shredding scrap materials to create newly designed furniture as well as flooring. In this process, plastic scrap in the form of used bottles, CDs or pipes is not only cut up, but also pressed into sheets by applying heat in molding presses. This approach results[...]

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