Deposit packaging for mass products – Recycling is a failing industry. A look back to the early 1960s: a revolutionary trend is taking over the United States: Plastic. For American families, a third of whom still get their milk from the milkman, plastic is a miracle package. It is lighter than glass and does not break. Unlike cardboard boxes, it[...]

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Wood cellulose compostable packaging – NACHHÄLTER are 100% recyclable and fully compostable packaging solutions whose raw material is created from forestry cuttings. For material recovery, viscose (soluble) is first extracted from the pulp, which is filtered through a pouring nozzle and runs into a precipitation bath, after which a transparent film of pure regenerated cellulose is produced. The Grünkunft[...]

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Plates From Recycled Glass – BIO-GLASS® is made of 100% recycled glass, is fully recyclable and contains no colorants or additives. Each BIO-GLASS® has a unique color, which comes from the individually used raw material (champagne, beer, wine, sparkling wine bottles). It is also stain, frost, chemical and fire resistant. #reuse #ethicalbusiness #sustainable #environment #materialdevelopment #upcycling #specialmaterial #wastebased #innovation[...]

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MILK MaterialLab Bio Glass Coverings ETC