Post Consumer and PET Recycled Plastic Solutions

Optimizing Packaging For the Recycle Stream

reLÜ™ is an eco friendly plastic made from post-consumer recycled material that would normally get discarded. The high quality material has strong barrier characteristics and a wide variety of applications allows brands to customize it to their specific product’s needs all while retaining eco-friendly values.

Drawing inspiration from the widespread success of the national PET bottle recycling initiative, the LÜ-R® Series represents a technological breakthrough aimed at tackling local recycling hurdles. Utilizing PET as the sole material across all layers laminated to create the film, this innovation eliminates the need for export-dependent recycling methods. Featuring a 3-layer composition, LÜ-R® PLUS surpasses alternative recyclable films by delivering exceptional barrier properties and sealing capabilities.

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Product Name: reLÜ™ , LÜ-R®
Manufacturer: Formosa Packaging
Project status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Formosa Packaging
Image source: Formosa Packaging