100% recyclable packaging


For over 60 years, Legoplast has specialized in the production of packaging for a wide variety of products. Thanks to investments in research and innovation, production is among the most advanced in the industry. The company also lives up to its pioneering role when it comes to sustainability: all Legoplast products are recyclable and reusable and are designed according to customers’ wishes so that the respective packaging item is optimally protected and showcased. The ecological impact is assessed and optimized throughout the entire production cycle. The production is fed by energy from renewable sources. In addition, the company’s own control system enabled energy savings of more than 20% within one year. Production waste is reused or sold to third-party companies to make it available for the manufacture of other products. In screen printing, the manufacturer works with solvent-free inks. Drying is performed by means of energy-saving LED lights.

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Product name: Legoplast
Manufacturer: Legoplast Srl
Project status: Concept // Prototype // Ready for market // Ready for series production

Source: Legoplast Srl
Image source: Legoplast Srl