Bottles Without a Label

Naked 100% Recyclable Bottles

This fully recyclable bottle is made with readily 100% recycled PET (r-PET). 1SKIN has been designed by Sidel for easy recycling. With its thermoformed embossment design, the label-free bottle with its tethered cap can enter the recycling stream with no need to separate additional raw materials such as ink, glue, labels or sleeves. Meeting higher standards for plastic recycling regulations, the 1Skin bottle is also produced with less material, leading to lower carbon emissions. The bottle is designed for sensitive juices, teas, and flavoured drinks. 1SKIN offers its bottles in desired fonts and textures, and can be further designed to play with light and shadow. There is also the option for a QR or barcode to be printed on the bottle closure.

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Product Name: 1Skin
Manufacturer: Sidel
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Sidel
Image Source: Sidel