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Drop-In Solution That Reduces Food and Produce Waste – With food waste reduction as their prominent goal, SAVRpak’s moisture capturing technology can prolong the freshness of fruits and veggies from 4-14 days. It is made for both commercial and home use. For farmers, packers & shippers, and retailers, the pouches can be easily added with packaging to ensure freshness during transport and arrival,[...]

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Reducing Food Waste. Prolonging food life


Fruit Labels That Compost – Sinclair offers a range of produce labels that are a more sustainable option than traditional labelling choices. They are suitable for automated, high-speed labeling systems or hand-applied labeling operations. The EcoLabel® line consists of three different types of labels, that are either home or industrial compostable, which have also been tested to biodegrade within[...]

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The Swag

Bags Keeping Produce at Home Fresher and Longer – By enhancing hydration, promoting breathing, and prolonging ethylene buildup, The Swag provide an optimal environment for produce to remain fresh, crisp, and healthy. With an aim to reduce food waste, The Swag are bags designed with multiple layers that each play an important role in providing hydration and breathability for produce stored within. The[...]

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Bag prolonging produce life


Cans That Can Reseal and Save – Cans of all types that typically could only be opened once can now be resealed with CanReseal. With it’s convenient twist on technology, cans be designed with all the current type of openings having CanReseal’s technology implemented. The resealing capability helps reduce food and drink wastage, while saving more space and material needed to[...]

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SEA Tech™ Resin

Seaweed Based Resin – SEA Tech™ resins are engineered to replace traditional plastic with regenerative, carbon-capturing seaweed-based materials. These resins resemble conventional plastic but are designed to disappear, addressing the issue of plastic waste. Beyond their Blue Carbon Straw, the company aims to expand its product portfolio to include items like utensils, cups, lids, and take-out containers. Having[...]

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Bottles Without a Label – This fully recyclable bottle is made with readily 100% recycled PET (r-PET). 1SKIN has been designed by Sidel for easy recycling. With its thermoformed embossment design, the label-free bottle with its tethered cap can enter the recycling stream with no need to separate additional raw materials such as ink, glue, labels or sleeves. Meeting[...]

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The Bright Colourant Made From Fungi – Red+ is an affordable food dyeing solution that is non-GMO, vegan, kosher, and halal, and it imparts no residual taste. Michroma’s Red+ offers consistent year-round availability and excellent scalability, promoting both our well-being and environmental sustainability. It serves as a robust alternative to the typical petroleum-based artificial colorings commonly used. This colorant delivers reliable[...]

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The Udder Way

Milk From the Tap – The Udder Way manufactures high quality reusable plastics in the form of 18 litre LDPE Kegs and dispensing systems that offer a solution to the plastic pollution generated by the dairy industry. The Udder Way eliminates the need for single use plastic and cartons in the industry by providing an on tap system that[...]

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Propellant-Free Aerosol Containers – twistMistTM and its 100% mechanical actuation mechanism creates a consistent spray from the first-to-last drop. It can be loaded to a pressure of 4–5 bars. Their aerosol technology is powered by a twist rather than harmful propellants. The bottle is never pressurized and can be customized with any shape, material, or color. Allowing also for[...]

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Guilt Free Toss® B-Pods®

Coffee Pods With Plastic-Degrading Bio-Enzyme Tech – The US based company, Bruvi has developed a more responsible solution for disposable coffee pods. Bruvi Guilt Free Toss® B-Pods® are made for disposal in landfills. Made of PP#5 infused with a food safe bio-enzyme, they are uniquely designed to substantially break down quicker and cleaner than more common untreated plastics. In an anaerobic[...]

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Produce Stickers That Prolong Food Life – Ethylene is essential for produce growth and ripening, but it can lead to over-ripening and spoilage after harvest. For nearly two decades, 1-MCP has been a recognized and safe method for safeguarding post-harvest produce from ethylene damage. Traditionally, 1-MCP is administered in airtight rooms for a 24 hour period to ensure exposure. Vidre+ introduces[...]

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Liquiglide (EveryDrop™)

An Inner Coating That Lets You Get Every Last Drop – LiquiGlide specializes in creating durable, custom-designed slippery coatings and containment packaging based on liquid-impregnated surfaces. Their EveryDrop™coatings can be tailored to specific material needs and withstand various environmental conditions. LiquiGlide’s mission is to revolutionize products and packaging by eliminating the friction between liquids and solids, reducing product waste that results from liquids sticking in[...]

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