Certified and Ready to Compost Film

Truly Compostable Packaging Film

LÜ-C and LÜ-K certified and compostable films feature a 3-layer design that enhances barrier properties, sealing efficiency and overall durability, while offering two unique aesthetics to suit different marketing preferences.

LÜ-C features an elegant metallic finish, while LÜ-K has a rustic, earth-inspired look. LÜ-E combines a natural kraft paper on the outside with a metallic lining, outperforming standard compostable PLA-based two-layer films with superior barrier properties and sealing capabilities. The materials are all ASTM D6868-23 and D6868-21 D certified for home and industrial compost.

At the end of their biodegradation, they leave no visible, recognizable or toxic residues and are suitable for packaging snacks, sweets, coffee and dry goods.

Product Name: LÜ-C®, LÜ-K®, LÜ-E™
Manufacturer: Formosa Packaging
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Formosa Packaging
Image source: Formosa Packaging