Versatile Translucent Paper Packaging

High Barrier Plastic Packaging Replacement

Sylvicta is a compostable and marine-degradable translucent paper produced using only renewable raw materials. Utilizing sustainably sourced wood pulp, it can be fully recycled and is repulpable after use. The Sylvicta manufacturing process is free from animal-based ingredients, alcohol or acetic acid.

The paper extends the shelf-life of packaged products by providing higher barrier properties than plastic against oxygen, aroma, and grease. With the addition of various applications and coatings, Sylvicta paper can be used for a wide array of products, including pouches, foil wrappers, salad bags, and coffee pods. Approved for direct food contact, it is suitable for a diverse range of product types.

Sylvicta is suitable for all major print processes such as offset, flexography, embossing, hot foiling and die-cutting. It is translucent, making see-through packaging possible and lightweight, saving transport costs.

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Product Name: Sylvicta Paper
Manufacturer: Arjowiggins
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Arjowiggins
Image source: Arjowiggins