Bags Keeping Produce at Home Fresher and Longer

Bag prolonging produce life
Bag prolonging produce life
Bag prolonging produce life
Bag prolonging produce life

Textile Bags Prolonging Produce Life For Weeks

By enhancing hydration, promoting breathing, and prolonging ethylene buildup, The Swag provide an optimal environment for produce to remain fresh, crisp, and healthy.

With an aim to reduce food waste, The Swag are bags designed with multiple layers that each play an important role in providing hydration and breathability for produce stored within. The outer layer protects, yet allows produce to take in oxygen as needed. The central and thickest layer; holds the bulk of the water for continuous hydration. The inner layer; allows produce to breathe & hydrate at its own pace.

Certified by The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), The Swag is 100% organic, non-toxic, reusable, machine-washable, and compostable food storage and produce bag, scientifically proven to keep fruit and veggies fresh for more than 2 weeks. All bags are made of cotton fabric in its rawest and most natural state: greige cotton.

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Product Name: The Swag
Manufacturer: The Swag
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: The SWAG Pty Ltd, Inc.
Image Source: The SWAG Pty Ltd, Inc.