Compostable Fruit Labels

Labeling With Composting in Mind

Sinclair offers a range of produce labels that are a more sustainable option than traditional labelling choices. They are suitable for automated, high-speed labeling systems or hand-applied labeling operations. The EcoLabel line consists of three different types of labels, that are either home or industrial compostable, which have also been tested to biodegrade within a year. The stickers are independently compost certified. They comply with EU and US standards for packaging and food quality guidelines. As an eco-friendlier solution, they also use Eco Inks. Their home compostable selections are plastic free and partially bio-based.

Labels can be custom designed.

Product Name: EcoLabel
Manufacturer: Sinclair
Project status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Sinclair
Image source: Sinclair