Sip of water

MILK MaterialLab OHOO Notpla
MILK MaterialLab OHOO Notpla


NOTPLA’s edible water sachet was described in the media as the “bottle of the future” back in 2015. With “We make packaging disappear”, the company promises to counteract packaging waste through their flexible and edible shell, thus reducing plastic use. The “unpackaged” liquids are particularly advantageous for large events and can be used in the anti-alcoholic as well as in the cocktail and take-away sector. The material consists of water, alginate and calcium ions. Alginate, which resembles plant starch in its chemical structure, is also frequently used as a thickening and gelling agent. Combined with calcium ions, a three-dimensional sponge network is formed that can absorb water. The material decomposes naturally within 4-6 weeks, making it a sustainable and practical solution for drinks as well as dressings or sauces.

Product Name: Ooho
Manufacturer: Notpla Packaging
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Peters, Sascha; Drewes, Diana: Materials in Progress. Innovations for Designers and Architects, Basel 2019, p. 27.
Image source: Notpla Packaging