Edible Packaging Inspired By Fruit

Torn Apart, Composted, Dissolved, or Eaten

GoneShells is an innovative biodegradable material that challenges how food packaging can be designed. Packaging solutions today are often made to last years, while the food inside can go bad after days or weeks. Taking cues from nature’s protective fruit skins, GoneShell is a material designed to decompose quickly and harmonize with its contents, akin to a fruit peel.

The unique biodegradable material is derived from potatoes, offering transparency and flexibility, with the potential for edibility. GoneShells’ innovation lies in the rapid and versatile degradation options, including home composting, consumption, and dissolution under tap water. Their goal is to reduce the strain on recycling systems and minimize the environmental impact of packaging materials, using a design that encourages faster self-decomposition, by being torn apart and exposed to water.

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Product Name: GoneShells
Manufacturer: Tomorrow Machine
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Tomorrow Machine
Image Source: Tomorrow Machine