Material From Potato Scraps

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Chip[s] Board

The company name of Chip[s] Board already reveals its main product component – potatoes. The company’s Parblex plastics [PBX] are created from the remains of potato processing, among other abundant resources. To this end, chip manufacturers such as the Canadian producer McCain Foods take their waste to the respective production facilities where the fiber-reinforced bioplastics are created.

The durable, translucent sheets can be formed into eyeglasses and other items based on further processing steps and the addition of walnut flour, for example. The company’s long-term goal is full cradle-to-cradle production to ensure an environmentally friendly material cycle at every stage. However, the material is not yet suitable for food packaging.

Product Name: Chip[s] Board
Manufacturer: Chip[s] Board ltd.
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Chip[s] Board ltd.
Image source: Chip[s] Board ltd.