Chewing Gum Recycling

MILK MaterialLab gum tec Gumdrop
MILK MaterialLab gum tec Gumdrop


Gumdrop Ltd. has set itself the goal of eliminating rubber emissions by recycling all types of chewing gum waste and processing it into a variety of products in collaboration with companies and manufacturers worldwide. In a new process, the recycled chewing gum is turned into the material Gum-tec, which can be processed into items such as rubber boots, cell phone covers or even stationary devices and packaging. The Gumdrop containers offer an ideal collection point as a waste-free alternative to landfilling old chewing gum.

Product Name: Gum-tec
Manufacturer: Gumdrop Ltd.
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Gumdrop Ltd.
Image source: Gumdrop Ltd.