Edible Packaging Film For Pasta

Dissolvable Noodle Packaging

Instant ramen noodles – the epitome of student food. The quick meal was also a regular fixture on the menu of Holly Grounds, who studied product design in London. Confronted with the mountains of waste and the environmental impact of the delicious snack’s packaging, however, the environmentally conscious Grounds faced an immense imbalance: In today’s world of instant ramen noodles, there is often more plastic than noodles. The product can be cooked and eaten in less than 10 minutes, but the packaging takes up to 800 years to decompose.

As a product designer, Grounds immediately went to work on prototyping a solution to this problem. The idea: an edible, dissolvable pasta package. A heat-sealable bioplastic film made of an edible, tasteless starch-based bioplastic is said to ensure that the noodles stay fresh but dissolve on contact with boiling water. The packaging thus simply becomes the sauce, and the waste problem also literally dissolves. To avoid the plastic bags of spices typical of instant food, the flavors are incorporated directly into the edible film during production. Only a hygienic, wax-coated paper sleeve is to serve as outer packaging for the pasta packages. The innovative concept could thus make it possible to enjoy instant ramen noodles without a guilty conscience in the future.

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Product Name: Dissolvable Noodle Packaging
Manufacturer: Holly Grounds
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Holly Grounds
Image source: Holly Grounds