Straw Insulating Packaging

MILK MaterialLab Landbox Landpack
MILK MaterialLab Landbox Landpack


The Landbox is an alternative to conventional polystyrene packaging made of straw. Annually, a large amount of the agricultural by-product remains unused. Landpack uses 1,500 tons of straw per year to press it using thermal processes with steam and pressure. The stalks are preserved and hardly damaged mechanically. Since the market price is €80 per ton of straw and the company, based in Alling, Bavaria, pays up to €140 to local farmers, it is also a lucrative business for the producers. While the Landbox Bio is starch-based and can be disposed of in organic waste, the Landbox Duo belongs in residual waste due to its wafer-thin plastic wrapping. Both boxes can maintain a constant temperature of up to -18 °C in combination with dry ice or up to 4 °C with cooling elements. The boxes are already being used in the pharmaceutical industry, food retailing and medicine.

Product Name: Landbox
Manufacturer: Landpack GmbH
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Landpack GmbH
Image source: Landbox GmbH