Studio Banani

Our free examination of food from the point of view of changing artists happens in the “studio banani”.

Based in Frankfurt, we bring together young artists who share their food fantasies for the future. After a few years of experimenting, we thought our work could be sold for charity. So we put together our favorite pieces for you and offer them in this little online store.

Each product will be shipped to you in the best quality and environmentally friendly materials and the proceeds will be donated to poor families in our city (Frankfurt).

You can see what this looks like in text form in the magazine.

Tattooed banana. Different symbols. Tattowed with the words “Studio Banani” and other words


Leck mich!

Plastic food. Plastic sushi.

Plastic Food


After Life

Plastic food. Plastic carrots.

Plastic Food

Can Soda

Food Fantasies

Basic Human Taste