Environmental protection through bees.

We have built up our own bee colony with the help of a beekeeper and thus make a small contribution to environmental protection in Germany. Here it goes to our honey!

Ten good reasons to protect the bees

1. a large part of agricultural yields in plant, horticultural and fruit growing depends on pollination by bees.

2. without bees we would be able to harvest only half as much, and our fruits and vegetables would be smaller, poorer in vitamins and of poorer quality.

3. the economic benefit of the bee globally is about 265 billion euros. In Germany alone: 2.7 billion euros!

4. 584 wild bee species are native to Germany. 39 species are already extinct. Half of all bee species are threatened with extinction! Especially monocultures, pesticides, diseases and parasites harm the insects.

The honey bee is the third most important livestock animal in Germany after cattle and pigs. (Unfortunately, however, bee populations in Europe have declined by about 10% in recent years).

6. almost 80 percent of all crops and wild plants are pollinated by the Western honeybee.

7. 71 out of 100 plant species that provide over 90 percent of human food are observed to be pollinated by bees.

8. crops such as cocoa, vanilla and passion fruit rely 100 percent on pollination by bees.

9. in stone and pome fruit, insect pollination increases fruit yield by 40 percent.

10. birds, beetles, hedgehogs, mice, squirrels and co. eat seeds and fruits that would not exist without pollination.