Sustainability inside and out.

Cellulose packaging film

Image source: The Nu Company

The Nu Company is a start-up from Leipzig that focuses on pure, vital and tasty ingredients in its bars right from the start. It also follows this vision when it comes to packaging. The company is currently pursuing two approaches. The first is a composite solution: a two-layer film laminate consisting of 50% FSC-certified and GMO-free cellulose and 50% biopolymers. The inner layer of the biopolymer film is more resilient than the pure cellulose film and provides optimum protection for the ingredients. Here too, renewable raw materials such as cellulose, starch, acid, sugar and natural and synthetic oils are used.

Due to the additional layer of biopolymer, this film takes about 180 days to fully compost. According to its own information, the packaging is degradable in home compost. However, a certificate and more detailed information on the composting requirements are missing. The material is also listed in our agency’s own Material Lab: More details here!

The second approach has been in use for chocolate-coated nuts and fruit since 2023: a paper solution with a barrier from Koehler Paper. Although virgin fibers are used for production, the packaging can be disposed of in waste paper after use. Product protection was assessed using storage tests with subsequent sensory evaluation, while recyclability was evaluated by the environmental service provider Interseroh and achieved a very good result of 19 out of 20 points.

Our conclusion: chocolate is a demanding product that requires fat and oxygen barriers. Good solutions have been developed here in view of today’s possibilities, and the motivation to optimize further is clearly visible!

Best practice: the nu company GmbH