Infinite Food

“Eating is the new pop,” wrote Hanni Rützler a few years ago in her Food Report, alluding to the development that culinary offerings are no longer limited to restaurants. On the contrary, food is always and everywhere as a central component of urban everyday culture and is increasingly leaving the classic food areas. The megatrends of urbanization, connectivity and mobility have led to the erosion of the classic meal system, with snacking becoming increasingly common – even in between meals. From now on, mini-meals to full meals can also be found on menus and boards displayed in car dealerships, museums, fashion stores and movie theaters, and hanging on walls. Non-food concept stores are increasingly being populated with gastronomic offerings in order to make expensive downtown locations more profitable by attracting more customers.

Infinite Food: Food is everywhere

The car manufacturer Lexus offers its guests a cafe as well as a real restaurant with 50 seats in its concept store in New York. The fashion brand GUCCI cooperates with the star chef Massimo Bottura and offers its customers in Florence an exquisite restaurant experience in addition to fashion shopping in the in-house Osteria.

Infinite Food: Food is everywhere

Best Practices: LEXUS , GUCCI

Photo: Unsplash, Lexus