Kitchen Future

Robot Kitchen

A balanced diet will continue to play a major role in the future, especially in view of the further increase in diseases of civilization such as obesity and diabetes. But where ready-made meals and convenience food lack freshness and delivery services are more frequently criticized due to social practices, kitchen robots represent a possible solution: Even after a hard day’s work, people cook at home. But you do not cook yourself, but robotic arms that are mounted on the ceiling and wall in the kitchen and already know the preferences of the residents due to the networking with the refrigerator and corresponding smart control. It is also clear that the dishwasher can be used to communicate, because who still wants to do the dishes in 2040? In system catering, robotic chefs are making inroads earlier, as a lack of skilled staff and simple, high-volume dishes such as burgers, pizza and pasta can be cooked by robots not only more quickly but also more cheaply. Start-ups such as DaVinciKitchen from Leipzig or Aitme from Berlin work with such machines, which are programmed to prepare meals with gram precision using an arm and gripper.

Robot Kitchen: Full automation of the kitchen

Fully autonomous mini-robot kitchens already exist today, and their manageable size means they can be placed at transportation hubs such as train stations or airports in the future. SJW Robotics has launched RoWok, a robotic kitchen vending machine that can prepare meals within 80-90 seconds. The system can store ingredients for a total of 320 meals in its silos, and can even switch promotional offers on its own when, for example, a meal is needed. Chicken meat is in danger of expiring. The Cookie Robot from the company RoboChef heats cookies within two minutes and toasts them according to the consumer’s order. And Savor Eat ‘s robot combines self-developed 3D printing, plant-based ingredients and a large portion of individualism: consumers can create their own burger patty and choose between different textures and flavors – to suit their preferred diet or intolerances.


Photo: Google Images, TheSpoon