Our Food Lab goes to the start

January will be sweet as honey and bright purple. In addition, we at Food Lab Frankfurt took a look at the future of meat eating and visited our bees.

A head of red cabbage in the MILK. Food Lab Frankfurt
Food Lab preparations

The first topics result from the products and projects already existing in the Frankfurt agency: We deal with honey that we receive annually due to a bee sponsorship and make mead. A follow-up project is devoted to cabbage – again, it’s not just about its solid form, but also about cabbage as a base for drinks – that can happily be red cabbage, which makes winter a little more colorful with its unusual purple-blue color. Is blue just the color for 2020 or are we even in for a “Blue Revolution”?

By chance, we became aware of the exhibition Meat the Future in Pforzheim at the A.K.T. and since we are interested in future nutrition, we visited the exhibition directly. Meat and meat substitutes will certainly continue to occupy us. In Pforzheim, we were also able to meet Steffen Bauschlicher, who is a part-time beekeeper nearby, taking care of the bees for Beeswelove and making our honey. He told us about beekeeping and about a “cherry honey” that was created because the bees used cherries as a source of water. The blue-red honey is strictly speaking not honey, because it is adulterated, but the bees seem to know what is in fashion.

What at first looks like many different topics has more often to do with each other than one might think at first. In the same way, we want to develop our “MILKSHAKE” further: We take up what presents itself to us at the moment, but we are always interested in connecting topics and coming back to already developed findings in order to use them in other contexts as well.

Enjoy reading and discovering!