The future of meat eating

We took a look and tasted the meat of the future at the Meat the Future exhibition at A.K.T in Pforzheim.

Meat of the future - 3 fictitious meat cubes from VIP genes
Meat from the Genes of the Stars: Future Vision of the Meat the Future Exhibition

Food Lab on tour

We became aware of the exhibition due to a report in Agora42 magazine and then decided to go to Pforzheim to visit the exhibition, which was originally conceived by Next Nature Network and first shown at the Cube Design Museum in the Netherlands.

But before that we visited Almut Benkert, Alexandra Vogt and Janusz Czech from EMMA, who realized this exhibition for Pforzheim. Afterwards we got a guided tour by Prof. Christine Lüdeke and attended the Discours de la Méthode with Nils Stadje, archaeologist and chef. Stimulating conversations ensued. Meat or the personal diet is a very sensitive matter that is discussed accordingly, especially when representatives of the local slaughterhouse are also present.

In Vitro Meat & Insect Burger

Along the way, we took advantage of the offer to taste the future…. In cooperation with the exhibition, Hans im Glück has a “The Day After Tomorrow Burger” in its program, which is served with an insect patty instead of meat. So a full day with many impressions for all senses. The exhibition itself offers a very playful approach to the topic of meat of the future. The focus here is on the production of in vitro meat.

Meat of the future - salami from in vitro meat
Salami made from in vitro meat: soon quite normal in the supermarket?

Plant-based meat substitutes from companies such as Impossible Foods or Beyond Meat play no role, nor are the more complex details of in vitro meat production and development addressed. The point is to stimulate the visitor and possible future consumers with imaginative ideas about the meat of the future. For this, ideas are explained in short sentences and vividly implemented and presented. Substitute meat, so to speak, because many of these ideas cannot be realized at the moment – but the individual proposals do not seem impossible to us.

We are curious about the further development and will continue to follow the topic…