Riesling Magnum – everything else is just big bottles

With the winery Allendorf connects us a vineyard and the enthusiasm for good food. Also, the desire to experiment. Despite a long family tradition, Allendorf is constantly experimenting with new varieties and cultivation methods. Even with the influence of the ambient color on the enjoyment of wine. This is the only way to keep the tradition alive. Because it is not based on always doing everything the same way, but on remaining curious.

You have to imagine the characteristic crack now

That’s exactly what we are: curious. This drives us and leads to new projects all the time.

In addition, as a packaging design agency, we are concerned with – who would have thought it – packaging. In the case of wine, this mainly involves bottles and a wide variety of bottle sizes. Besides the standard bottle (0.75l), there are very large ones like the Melchizedek (30l) or the Nebuchadnezzar (15l) but also moderate sizes like the Magnum (1.5l) – Magnum?

We and our Magnum

Yes, Magnum! That sounds very familiar to us. Reminiscent of TV series and ice cream treat. The shape has something almost iconic. Voluminous, sensual and full of pleasure – Actually like the magnum bottle. So what is there to wait for? We combine what already belongs together: wine icon with ice icon for our Allendorf x MILK. Riesling Magnum.

Real ice wine

For our Magnum we work on the basis of an ice cream, which means that our ice cream mass consists of the basic products milk, cream, egg and sugar. This base is complemented with Riesling and raisins, as a tribute to our vineyard. We add the wine in its pure form as well as overcooked in the raisins. For the ice cream mixture, we take milk and cream and put the liquids in a saucepan, heat them until the cream-milk mixture almost boils and set aside. Beat the egg yolks and sugar until creamy, with a lot of air. We then gradually add the egg-sugar mixture to the hot cream milk, stirring until everything is well mixed. We heat the mass to 75-85 degrees, stirring constantly, so “pull it off to the rose”. The egg yolk coagulates and binds the mass. Then cool the now slightly creamy liquid down in a bowl of ice water. In the meantime, we boil down the wine, creating a kind of syrup, which we stir into our ice cream mixture. We then put the cooled mass in the ice cream maker for about an hour.

For raisin picker

At this time we put our raisins in the pot and cover them with wine. We close the pot with a lid. We cook the raisins, covered until the wine is greatly reduced. Then we remove the lid and let the raisins cool. After the ice cream mixture has reached the optimal texture, we mix in the raisins. To recreate the shape, from a typical Magnum ice cream, we made a template from silicone. We fill the mass and push it onto the work surface with short strokes. In this way, the last larger air pockets escape. Lastly, the stem goes into the bottom.

Riesling keeps in shape

We smooth the molds and quickly put them in the freezer. The mass needs about 3 hours at -18 degrees. For a crunchy shell, we temper white and dark chocolate. After the ice cream mixture is frozen, we press it out of the silicone mold and dip it into the chocolate. This allows you to play around a bit, which leads to beautiful results.

Save Riesling, Eat Ice Cream!

At the first taste test, we are positively surprised. The ice cream has a slight acidity due to the Riesling. The raisins do not freeze, they remain pleasantly soft and are not only sweet, but also aromatic due to the wine. The texture of the ice cream is nice and creamy – overall a very good way to get to know Riesling in a different way.

We can now enjoy our favorite wine from the magnum or as a magnum – We toast to that (with two Riesling ice creams)!