We harvest

At the end of September we used the chance to do some team building again and on one of the last possible days we started the trip to our Allendorf winery in Oestrich-Winkel.

herbsten: The grape harvest or grape picking
Everyone has to carry their own package …

Save water, drink Riesling

The end of September is time for “Herbsten”. That’s not to say it’s time for the leaves to turn orange. “Herbsten” is originally called the activity of harvesting grapes. This is how the name for the season came about. Fun fact for the next wine evening.

For the autumn we were welcomed by Ulrich aka Uli Allendorf, owner of the winery with his sister. He kindly took a couple of hours for us after our about 1.5 hours long harvesting activity – hardworking as ever. In the process, he not only told us how the Great Site seal is awarded by the VDP – spoiler alert: it’s not the height of the vines! – but also why vine leaves cut off at harvest are good for the soil and thus help against climate change. Allendorf’s very broad wine portfolio was explained (you can taste it here) and how it benefits from the many different soil types in the Rheingau. Why packaging design also has a big impact on wine can be seen in Allendorf’s own Save WATER drink RIESLING brand, now one of the most successful Rieslings in Germany.

herbsten in the Rheingau
The Rheingau showed itself from its best side

In connoisseur circles they say “Anyone who can remember the grape harvest has not experienced it…” so we can no longer reproduce soooo much of what Uli gave us. In fact, after the tour, he also gave us a few bottles to consume while playing a few games of Kubb (some employees seem to remember that the Food Lab went undefeated here) in the vineyards.

Finally, we all ended the day at Allendorf on the Rhine with a few servings of Kibbeling & Pommes. Can we warmly recommend in warm temperatures.