Food Lab

Our Food Lab is a place to experiment with taste and design. For us, dealing with taste images and with the design of packaging are not separate areas, they belong together and influence each other.

The interplay of optics, haptics, taste, smell but also sounds is the focus of our considerations in order to develop synesthetic products that appeal to all senses. To do this, we do food trend scouting and pick up on current topics from the food sector and then deal with them in a playful and experimental way. Sometimes vegan, sometimes with insects and often fermented.

For us, it’s trying things out to inspire. For this we cook, edit, text, film and photograph – looking for products and people with whom we share our enthusiasm for good food and craftsmanship in cooking and communication. We don’t always know beforehand – unless we’re doing food prototyping – what the result will be. the way is the goal…

We publish the practical experiments in our Food Magazine. We carry this out in Frankfurt and Hamburg. Hamburg (until July 2020 it was still Berlin) is the location of the test kitchen and Frankfurt is the headquarters of the food design agency, where we collect the results and prepare them for the magazine or blog. That’s not always just work in the kitchen, but also interviews or visits to museums. We are talking about a colorful mix of exciting topics. Therefore the blog runs under the name milkshake .

Enjoy reading from everyone in our Food Lab.

Can Akaoglu

Food Lab Crew (Frankfurt)

Jens Hildebrandt

Food Lab Crew (Hamburg)