With our self-developed “soulplate” we illuminate your kitchen. The first illuminated plate for home and gastronomy not only lets your food shine beautifully, but also teaches us to be mindful of the precious food in front of us.

Enlightening your tableware

So increasing appreciation for food & drink through its beauty is just a wonderful side effect of our product idea. The specific sensory perception of the dishes on our soulplate can be individually stimulated by different lighting moods. This can even create new taste images in our brain and increase enjoyment.

Special Thanks to: Sebastian Heindorff (Photography) & Lindley Hotel Frankfurt (Location)

The plate consists of two parts. The electronics and controls are located in the lower part made of plastic. There are two touchpoints on the edge. One touchpoint can be used to regulate the brightness. The desired color can be set with the second touch element. The upper part, made of glass, is removable. So it can be cleaned again easily.

It’s that simple
  1. Fill plates with your favorite dishes
  2. Adjust light intensity and light color
  3. Experience food and enjoyment in a new way

The shape of the plate fits comfortably in the hand and any kind of soul food can be presented in it. In addition to the plate, the packaging also includes five recipe cards and an information brochure. The recipe cards not only contain the recipe, but also a color recommendation. In this way, the right light on the plate can be set while enjoying. The information brochure explains which sense influences the taste and how. In addition, the operation of the plate is explained.

Our favorite recipes for you

The enlightenment for your food – and your taste buds.

Our soulplate lets you experience food in a new way. By controlling the color of the light in the plate, you can not only beautifully illuminate your favorite foods, but also guide your taste perception. Which color enhances which flavor? Find out soon and support our upcoming crowd funding campaign with a donation. You will be able to enjoy the first devices as soon as we can mass-produce them. In the meantime, you can easily register for our newsletter and stay up to date with no obligation.

Taste – a big word.

But what exactly is behind it and which factors influence taste?

Taste is always multi-sensory. This means that all the senses play together and create an overall picture. Starting with the appearance of food, which is crucial. The eye eats too. We expect a different taste from a red wine than from a white one. The nose also plays a role in the taste experience. We know it when the scent of freshly brewed coffee flies through the apartment in the morning. The actual coffee taste does not arise on the tongue; we smell the characteristic aromas through the nose. We hear the crispness of the chips with our ears. So if it gets a little louder while eating chips in front of the TV, that is a good indicator of the freshness of the chips. Who likes sloppy chips? We then feel the haptic experiences in the mouth. With a praline, we first notice how the chocolate melts on the tongue. This is followed by the liquid filling, which is extremely creamy.

There are only five different flavors: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami. Umami describes meaty / hearty tastes. In addition to the five senses, the framework conditions that influence a taste are also decisive. In the restaurant, this can be the background music, the ambient light, the room temperature and the weight and color of the plate. There are numerous scientific studies that prove the influence of external factors on taste perception. How exactly colored light works has not yet been fully researched, making your own experiments all the more exciting.

So feel free to try out whether your soul food, illuminated in red, doesn’t taste a little sweeter.


As Agency for packaging design in the food sector, we are constantly on the lookout for concrete new insights, product ideas, packaging materials and outstanding design. Because we are also inventors at heart, we run a colorful kitchen full of inspiration and genuine own products with our labs. Because we do like to talk about food & design (e.g. in our Food Magazine). But we like to do it even better! Our greatest interest is the further exploration of synesthesia or multisensory in the food packaging design context. Nowhere do all the human senses come into play as surely as when unboxing and consuming food & drink.

Eric working hard on our new prototype @ Tatcraft (Frankfurt)

It is in this context that the “soulplate” project came into being. With the active support of the young product designer Nadine Winkelbauer, the prototype was realized during her three-month project internship. Under the conceptual direction of Managing Director Andreas Milk and the art direction of Johanna Schwarzer, the concept as published here was created. Many thanks to the team of Tatcraft and Felix Gass for the agile prototyping. Together we have fulfilled the dream of creating an illuminated plate for the most sensual experience at the table. With a little luck and the help of suitable partners, our product will hopefully soon reach the kitchens of countless people around the world. Let’s glow!

A look behind the scenes of the project.
This project would have been hard to do without the sound and inspiration from music, like this wonderful album by “Bicep” (thank you!!!)

This article lives___ stay tuned.

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