Valuable from the region.

Organic sunflower seeds from Brandenburg for the region (especially Berlin). This is the seemingly simple mission of an entrepreneur friend who has been producing sunflower seeds, among other things, in Fläming for a few years.

We were able to deliver the design vision for the “Flämings” brand and thus participate in and accelerate the important transformation process from conventional to organic farming. It is once again the image of the future that we as designers:inside draw in the form of this brand to encourage people today. The courage to break new ground and dare to initiate change. Our goal: the courage to change!

The goal: organic quality from the Berlin area.

For this purpose, we have chosen an unagitated, sovereign design in its simplest form. This simple product does not want to puff up and scream. It will find its way from the Fläming to the big city (especially the Berlin region) and enrich people’s bowls with valuable products from the region. This regional supply chain is the goal, and this small example shows how nice it can be to imagine yourself in the desired state in the future. We whet your appetite for organic sunflower seeds: valuable from the region.

Favorite recipes from the Fläming

Berlin watch out! And fingers crossed that the transformation succeeds in the face of all market resistance and that the picture of the future soon becomes reality. We will report…