Decorative Papers From Recycled Coffee-To-Go Cups

Extract Paper

How recycled coffee-to-go cups can be turned into attractive paper is demonstrated by the British company G.F Smith with its Extract project. Used disposable coffee cups are separated into their plastic and paper components for production, and in the subsequent step an FSC-certified paper is obtained in collaboration with CupCycling by James Cropper. Approximately 5 recycled coffee cups are needed to produce one sheet of paper. The remaining plastic waste, which amounts to 10% of the total waste, is recycled separately.

G.F Smith’s innovation has made a significant contribution to the fight against global pollution since its launch in 2017, as it is responsible for recycling one in every 25 to-go cups in the UK.

Product Name: G.F Smith Extract
Manufacturer: G. F Smith / Römerturm
Project Status: Concept // Prototype // Market Ready // Series Production Ready

Source: Solanki, Seetal: Why Materials Matter. Responsible Design for a better World, Munich 2018, p. 50.
Image source: G.F Smith